How To Make Your Own Canvas Frame

Do you want to make your own canvas stretchers? You will definitely be looking out for material that is cheap that can be bought so that you will not have to waste a lot more money on stretcher supplies as well. What you also did not know is that it will only cost you one third of the cost when buying it from an art supplies store.

To begin with, you will need the following items:

  • A few corner clamps
  • Four clamp blocks
  • Glue for wood
  • Paintbrushes
  • A staple gun
  • Pen or a market
  • 2 x 4 standard wood for
    First you need to measure out the wood based on the dimensions that you need. Once you do all that, you can start cutting the wood out. Remember that you can use any photo frames Sydney you prefer as a guide as well to ensure that you get the desired dimensions. Do not forget that your measurements should be perfect in order for you to get the perfect canvas. You will have to get two vertical and two horizontal lengths of the wood. The two pairs must be exactly the same and it should be the same spot where you will saw which will also be the same place. You will need to bevel cut the wood lengths vertically held. This should be done to ensure that the canvas stretching would be suspended and tight. You will need to adjust the band saw along fifteen degree clockwise and make sure that the blade is aligned with centre of the wood piece’s width. You can use push bars to avoid the blade cutting during the last few inches.
    Using the mitre saw, adjust the ends to form the corners of the canvas to forty-five degrees.
    Based on the direction that you are feeding the wood, you will need to decide if you will do it clockwise or counter clockwise. The bevel of each piece should be shorter but faces upwards. Using the clamp keep the ends of each lengths together and place your marks on where they connect.
    The hardest part is over now! Place the clamps on top of the corners of the blocks. Using the clamps place the stretchers and do not tighten it. Apply some glue with the paintbrush on the ends to have them stick together. Tightens the clamps so that corners are pushed together. Do not forget to inset staples on the corners without loosening the clamps until it is perfectly set together. Now you will have to clean everything up and let the frame dry up well. Once it is dried completely, you can start using it!